The Bachelorette Spoilers: What Happens With Cody and Nick in Episode 5?
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The Bachelorette Spoilers: What Happens With Cody and Nick in Episode 5?

Who do you like in a Bachelorette bro-down between Cody Sattler and Nick Viall? Obviously when it comes to stature and muscle mass, Cody’s got Nick beat, but the latter Lothario seems to think he has what everyone in Bachelor Mansion wants — the upper hand. At least that’s how the Cody and the others see it!

But what exactly happens in Episode 5 between these two men as they each vie for Andi Dorfman’s love and roses? Well, it seems to be a continuation of the drama right before the Week 4 rose ceremony — which aired for the first time in the mid-season recap on June 9. After our Georgia peach had a messy confrontation with Eric Hill, resulting in his sudden exit, Nick leapt at the chance to comfort her. While his sensitive move likely made a big fan out of one particular Southern belle, it didn’t exactly curry much favor with the guys in the house.

With so many of the suited-up suitors competing for their five minutes with Andi, Cody especially took exception to Nick’s smooth move, since he didn’t get any 1-on-1 time. Seems to us like the guys shouldn’t be mad at anyone but themselves for not seizing the opportunity to offer Andi their beefy shoulders, but the attitude in the house seems to be that Nick feels he’s the “frontrunner” and therefore more entitled to that tender moment.

We’re pretty sure Nick hasn’t actually called himself the frontrunner, but Cody and the others seem to think his actions speak loud and clear on that point. And it looks like that friction will continue next week when the guys head to Marseilles.

Do you think Cody is right about Nick, or are the guys projecting their insecurities?