Game of Thrones Spoilers: What Happens in Episodes 5-7?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Spoilers: What Happens in Episodes 5-7?

With the first three episodes of Game of Thrones Season 4 already in the books, we can now look forward to what’s going to happen later on in the season. HBO has just announced the plot synopses for the three episodes airing in May. Here they are!

Episode 5, “First of His Name,” Airing May 4: “Cersei and Tywin plot the Crown’s next move. Dany discusses future plans. Jon embarks on a new mission.”

Given the episode’s title, we can assume that Cersei and Tywin’s next move is to crown Tommen king, making him the first (king) of his name. Dany will likely be figuring out what she wants to do with Meereen, or perhaps if she wants to move on to Westeros already, while Jon is probably off to Craster’s to take care of the mutinous Night’s Watchmen who are holed up there, a mission he alluded to in Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains.”

Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men,” Airing May 11: “Stannis and Davos set sail with a new strategy. Dany meets with supplicants. Tyrion faces down his father in the throne room.”

The new strategy for Stannis and Davos probably involves approaching the Iron Bank of Braavos for a loan, since we saw a light bulb go off over Davos’ head in “Breaker of Chains” when the idea came to him. Dany meeting with supplicants probably means she’s in charge of Meereen at this point and its citizens wants some things from her. Tyrion facing down his father might mean that his trial has begun. The episode’s title also seems to allude to a trial.

Episode 7, “Mockingbird,” Airing May 19:Tyrion enlists an unlikely ally. Daario entreats Dany to allow him to do what he does best. Jon’s warnings about the Wall’s vulnerability fall on deaf ears. Brienne follows a new lead on the road with Pod.”

Tyrion’s unlikely ally suggests it’s someone with whom he’s been contentious in the past. Cersei seems unlikely, but perhaps his father, Oberyn Martell, or Grand Maester Pycelle could assist him. Daario asking Dany to allow him to do what he does best suggests he’s looking to either kill people or have sex with someone, likely Dany.

Meanwhile, the Night’s Watch leadership continues to ignore Jon, and Brienne and Podrick Payne start hanging out in what’s sure to be an interesting pairing. Finally, the episode’s title seems to suggest either a Hunger Games tie-in or a Littlefinger-heavy episode. We’re going with the latter.

Are you excited for these episodes? Let us know in the comments below.

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