Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in the Premiere?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in the Premiere?

Welcome to August, boys and girls, otherwise known as the month ABC brings L-O-V-E back to our homes with Bachelor in Paradise. In this latest take on reality dating, Bachelor Nation favorites get to “look for love a second time around.” So what gooey goodness can we expect from tonight’s premiere?

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in the Premiere?
Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group    

According to the press release for Episode 1, 14 cast members will kick off their stint in Tulum, Mexico with a “Bachelor-style arrival party” in which the contestants get to spend time getting to know each other. We interpret that as tequila shooters off bikini bods, but that’s just us. Once everyone is good and happy to be in Paradise, host Chris Harrison does what he does best and throws a monkey wrench into the festivities.

C.H. announces that anyone not drenched in love by the end of the week will be sent home, aka, you gotta pair up to stay in paradise. During the first week’s Rose Ceremony, the men will dole roses to ladies they’d like more time with, and any female without a flower at week’s end will get the boot. This news lights a fire under the ladies, and Lacy Faddoul decides not to mess around. She grabs Robert Graham for a good ole fashioned dip in the ocean, then later she smooches up Marcus Grodd.

Throughout the week, four lucky ladies get to hand out date cards to their male housemates. Clare Crawley tries to ask out a “certain bachelor” (according to Reality Steve, it’s Graham Bunn), but AshLee Frazier tells her to step off, so Clare asks out Robert instead (sorry Lacy!). The two visit the Tulum Ruins and then hop in the ocean for Clare’s favorite date-time activity — water tongue aerobics.

Sarah Herron gets date card numero dos and asks out Marcus. Despite Marcus already being a little lovesick for Lacy, the duo rappel (wonder if he has PTSD from his time rappelling withAndi Dorfman) into a sinkhole (romantic!) and a kiss.

According to the press release, a third date card goes to an unexpected arrival (RS says Michelle Money) who invites Marquel Martin horseback riding. Lacy gets the fourth date card and struggles to decide between her two makeout partners — Robert and Graham. Steve says Marcus gives his rose to Lacy, so we’re betting she picked him for her date.

With several love triangles already forming, week 1 in paradise draws to a close with the first Rose Ceremony of the season. As the ceremony starts, ABC says “one bachelorette interrupts everything to make a surprise announcement.” According to RS, that bachelorette is Michelle Kujawa, and her announcement is that she’s checking out of paradise because she’s not loving her love options in the house.

With Michelle K. out of the picture, that just leaves one woman to be eliminated for the week, and if spoilers are to be believed, that lady left hanging is Daniella McBride.

Now that people are paired, do we get to watch their love blossom for the next six weeks? Not so fast! Each episode sees the arrival of two new castmates into the house. So tricky, ABC! According to Steve, week 2’s arrivals are heartthrobs Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter.

Eek! Can’t wait!

Bachelor in Paradise premieres tonight, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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Source: ABC and Reality Steve