Spoilers: What’s In Store For Jersey Shore Season 3?
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Jersey Shore

Spoilers: What’s In Store For Jersey Shore Season 3?

Well, for starters, allow us to ease your minds: Jersey Shore is coming back to Seaside Heights for a third season, and Angelina will definitely not be there. Not only is she not a regular cast member, she won't even make appearances. No club run-ins, no beach run-ins, no cat fights. We basically won't have to listen to her scream like a banshee, whine, or otherwise run her mouth for an entire, blissful season. Thanks, MTV, from the bottom of our hearts.

But, as we all know, Snooki's long-time BFF, Deena Cortese will replace Angelina (because fitting eight people in a Shore house is mandatory for good TV fights), and, from what we hear, the transition is totally awk. She also brings tons of drama, and even gets hurt during production. We're sure MTV will milk that medic footage for all it's worth.

Speaking of replacements, Snooki will keep Ronnie's jail cell cozy for him. Her incident of public intoxication, followed by her arrest, and charges of being criminally annoying that made headlines last summer all play out on Season 3.

As for Snooki's boy situation? Not much better than her not getting arrested situation. She may have broken up with Emilio in Miami, but he follows her to Seaside Heights and basically stalks the poor guidette. We wonder if she'll sic Vinny on him. Snooki also starts dating Iraq War vet, Jeff Miranda (who, you'll remember, later proposed to her on a magazine cover...classy) during Season 3.

And, of course, Sammi and Ron get into a huge blow out that leads to Sammi moving out...for 24 hours. She packs her bags and spends one night in a hotel before Ronnie inevitably takes her out for an awkward pasta dinner or something, and she comes crawling back.

Finally, Season 3 will be witness to the end of TomWOWW. Yes, unfortunately, while JWOWW managed to make it work with Tom for two seasons, the two will part ways during Season 3. JWOWW was photographed kissing another boy, and Tom blows up, which, you guessed it, is caught on camera. Leave it to MTV to catch the good stuff. (Now JWOWW is suing Tom because he has nakey photos of him

The new season kicks off January 6th at 10:00pm ET/PT. Tune in to MTV for all the post-fame shenanigans of our favorite macaroni rascals.

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