Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Which Liar Will Be a Cheerleader in Season 5?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Which Liar Will Be a Cheerleader in Season 5?

Pretty Little Liars is adding a little pep to its step. According to the latest spoiler out of the PLL camp, one of the Liars will become a cheerleader in Season 5. And we thought Ali coming back from the dead was a surprise!

“Excited for the #PLL summer premiere on Tuesday, June 10? We’ve got a juicy spoiler while you wait!” ABC Family tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of a poster reading: “One Liar will join the Rosewood High Cheerleading Squad.” This isn’t an April’s Fool thing, is it? Until we hear otherwise, we’re just going to go with it. After all, stress and near-death experiences make you do uncharacteristic things. And these girls could always use the extra muscle for fending off “A” attacks.

So, which Liar will be working on her basket tosses in between “A” missions? Let’s look at our options...

Aria: We can’t imagine Aria joining the cheerleading squad. She doesn’t seem the type for group athletics. Though, perhaps she is using cheer as an outlet for all of the pent-up aggression she has against Ezra? No, we really can’t imagine it.

Emily: Emily doesn’t seem a likely choice either, given her injury. If her shoulder were well enough to be on the cheerleading squad, then she would be swimming. Unless the doctor suggested it as some kind of therapeutic muscle-builder? Hey, TV doctors sometimes have crazy suggestions.

Spencer: We would pay money to see this. Though we’re sure Spence could handle the physical demands of being on the cheer squad, we’re not so sure she’d be able to play well enough with others to pull this off. Or keep her focus when she’s hunting “A.” Or exude the proper amount of pep. On the other hand, if she thinks there are clues to be had by joining the cheerleaders, then we know she’d be there in a second.

Hanna: We’re only now realizing how un-peppy our Liars are, as Hanna is the last and we can’t imagine her cheering on Rosewood High, either. Though we could see her getting into synchronizing her nail color and/or hair bows with her uniform.

Other: Do Ali or Mona count as Liars? If so, we think it’s far more likely that one of them might join the cheer squad than any of the core four. Ali in an attempt to integrate back into the Rosewood community and Mona just to piss the Liars off by slipping “A”-themed riddles into the cheers.

Do you think this spoiler is for real? If so, which of the Liars do you think will join the cheer squad? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on June 10, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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