Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant JJ O’Brien?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant JJ O’Brien?

UPDATE (6/23/14):

Fashion has taken a major hit on The Bachelorette these past couple of weeks. Last week in France, the world was deprived of the art of prints-mixing when Andi Dorfman sent Marquel Martin packing, and now, after Episode 6, our pantsapreneur JJ O’Brien is no more!

Tonight, the lovable beanstalk, joined by Josh Murray, Chris Soules, Marcus Grodd, Brian Osborne, and Dylan Petitt, hit up a castle for one of the season's final group dates. While he survived the lie detector test, he wasn’t able to survive for another week in Andi’s bevy of bros.

Perhaps it wasn’t best to get all pissy with sweetie pie farmer Chris Soules. JJ had a little trouble playing nice with his fellow wooer, and decided he no longer wanted to share Andi when Chris got his group date rose. Oh, JJ. Did you black out and forget which show you signed up for?

So maybe it was this Kennedy-esque fella’s time to head home. Though we loved imagining (and seeing!) JJ and Andi as they grow old together, Andi ultimately told him “she didn’t see a future.” But hey, we have to commend him for handling his elimination so gracefully. And at least the stylish guy will have more time on his hands to design. Perhaps he can recruit Marquel as his muse?

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Original story (5/21/14):

Hot, smart, and totally quirky? That seems to sum up The Bachelorette 2014 contestant JJ "Pantsapreneur" O’Brien pretty well. We don’t know yet what Andi Dorfman’s type is, other than “not an okay soccer player,” but if her dream guy needs to have those three characteristics, we hope she’ll give JJ a chance!

The 30-year-old tall drink of water makes his home in San Francisco these days, after quite the stints in the libraries of two of the best colleges in America. J-squared got his Bachelor of Arts at Williams College in Massachusetts, and then headed back to the West Coast. After studying at Stanford, he scooped his MBA from the graduate school of business before settling down in the nearby Bay Area.

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Now, the avid San Francisco Giants fan is all about the pantsing. No, we don’t mean silly hijinks, we’re talking design, as JJ owns clothing line Hem Haus, which is designed for a “Life Less Ordinary,” as their motto boasts. And they’re not joking around, seeing as their clothes seem to be more EDM than MBA, with lots of fur, funky patterns, and crazy vests. It’s… a lot. But as he showed up on the Season 10 Premiere with a pair made out of the paisley fabric he used for his first pair. Andi dug em, and it looks like JJ will be with us for a wee while. However, now he's being accused of going on the show only to promote his business.

Their company Facebook profile sums up their attitude, saying “adventure into the weirdness,” and invites fans to “come join the adventure.” As for his own personal brand, JJ’s Instagram encourages great leaps in bounds for followers. “Climb High. Climb Far. Your Goal the Sky. You Aim the Star,” it reads. Deep, man. Really deep.

We don't know what to believe about why Js went on the show, but considering how giddy he seemed when he first showed up, we're inclined to hope that the Bill Nye the Science Guy lookalike is there for the "right reasons." And if not, we're happy to hang with him in close quarters to chat about his reasoning...

What do you think: is JJ the guy for Andi, or is he too out there for the buttoned up Georgia gal?

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