Bachelor 2015: Who Got Eliminated in Season 19 Episode 4?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2015: Who Got Eliminated in Season 19 Episode 4?

While every season of The Bachelor seems to fly through women faster than Leonardo DiCaprio at a Victoria’s Secret model party, Chris SoulesSeason 19 was super-sized with 30 contestants, meaning he has to move even faster with its eliminations. And tonight, January 26, saw four more women go home in Episode 4!

Bachelor 2015: Who Got Eliminated in Season 19 Episode 4?
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We began with 15 girls this L.A.-based ep — the last before Chris and the women hit the road on their Midwestern adventure. First, we headed on a group date with eight of the potential Mrs. Soules —Kaitlyn Bristowe, Samantha Steffen, Juelia Kinney, Mackenzie Deonigi, Kelsey Poe, Megan Bell, Ashley Salter, and Ashley Iaconetti — at the lake for some swimming and camping. Silly Canadian Kaitlyn charmed Chris for a second week in a row, earning her the Group Date Rose.

Next, Jade Roper and the hunky land baron went on a Cinderella-themed date arranged by Chris’ sisters (for reals). With the clear chemistry on their fairytale 1-on-1 — complete with orchestral slow dance — it’s no surprise Jade got the rose.

Finally, there was the charity mud run in wedding dresses with Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley, Britt Nilsson,Carly Waddell, Nikki Delventhal, and Jillian Anderson. We can’t make this stuff up, people! Jillian won the competition (of course), but not Chris’ heart on the solo date after, and she was sent packing.

Three more girls were weeded out in the Rose Ceremony, and while we’d like to say we were surprised by any of them, it all made sense. We had our resident kook, the girl with no airtime, and then the single mom who was most likely ready to get home to her child.

OK, ready? Let’s review those four gals eliminated tonight. They were:

Jillian Anderson, 25, Washington, D.C.

Juelia Kinney, 30, Portland, Oregon

Ashley Salter, 24, Brooklyn, New York

Nikki Delventhal, 26, New York City, New York

Were you surprised by who was eliminated tonight? Sound off in the comments below.