Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Next Week in Portugal?
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Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Next Week in Portugal?

Can you believe that after Season 9 Episode 7, when Desiree Hartsock takes her remaining five (OMG FIVE?!) guys to Barcelona, we’re totally in the home stretch? That seems insane to us, considering it feels like we just met 20 other dudes who are now distant memories. But it’s the truth, yo.

In the last six weeks, we’ve met some questionable fellas with girlfriends, a coupla single dads we won’t soon forget (call us, Brad McKinzie! We like not talking on dates, too!), and a herd of guys who made our dates look like gems. But we’ve fallen for some of the dudes that Des has dissed, and that’s what makes it so hard to watch four of the final five fall.

Still left in the hive are some real honeys. First up is buff attorney Michael Garofola, who makes his home in sunny Florida, has diabetes, will probably defend Des’s honor into the ground, and is not exactly an ideal guest for 2-on-1 dates (noted).

Next? Utah-based brother man Brooks Forester, who has questionable finger bone structure, Orlando Bloom hair (the flashbacks keep on coming), and who made the first connection with Desiree. Also big in the game? Former pro baseball player turned Seattle bank dude Chris Siegfried, who seems to have a leg up on getting to Desiree’s goofy side — will he get down on one knee (again)?

Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Next Week in Portugal?
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The last two hotties are equally gorgeous and eligible, and both earned 1-on-1s in Barcelona: Drilling fluid engineer Zak Waddell, who narrowly skipped the calling of the cloth to strip it all off (thank you, random mountain excursion), and the epicly beautiful Drew Kenney, who revealed a lot about himself during his solo time with Des.

So, which four guys get Hometown Dates, and which one goes home? Sadly, Michael will be hopping on a plane solo back to the States when Desiree eliminates him in Madeira. Why does he go home? We’re not exactly sure. But considering all he’s been shown to do this season so far is imitate Jason Mesnick, confront Ben Scott, reveal his sugar issues, and serve as gatekeeper, we’re wondering how Mike’s lasted this long with what we’ve seen. Surely there must be a cutting room floor full of footage of him having sweet moments with Des — otherwise, how did he end up as her fifth choice?

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