Bachelor 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Cassandra Ferguson?
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Bachelor 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Cassandra Ferguson?

UPDATE (2/10/2014): Worst. Birthday. Ever. Cassandra Ferguson, who turned 22 on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 6, not only didn't get a 1-on-1 date on her special day — she also didn't get a rose. Juan Pablo pulled the former Detroit Pistons dancer aside in Hobbiton (holla, Lord of the Rings fans), after hurtling down a hill in a giant hamster ball with her, and told her he just wasn't that into her. Hey, talk about things that could have been called to her attention literally any other day of the year, Juan Pabs!

However, the Bachelor's heart was in the right place (we think). Knowing Cass wasn't the one for him, he wanted to make sure he didn't keep her away from her 2-year-old son, Trey, any longer than was necessary. Still, we're pretty sure Cassandra would have rather stuck around a couple days longer and not had her birthday soured (even if she thanked him for telling her sooner rather than later).

ORIGINAL STORY (1/20/2014):

Juan Pablo Galavis loves to get his groove on and shake his caboose, and now he’s looking for a partner to do the hokey pokey with. Lucky for him, Season 18 contestant Cassandra Ferguson is a trained dancer, so she could make a seriously super dance pal for Juan Pabs, should she be there in the end.

The 22-year-old Michigan gal used to be a Detroit Pistons basketball team dancer, sporting a tiny top and skirt, and showing off her bangin’ bod. But then she met Pistons player Rodney Stuckey, and the two had a son together, Trey. Now 2 years old, he’s pretty much the most darling thing ever, and would make such a good sibling for JPG’s almost-5-year-old, Camila.

Although things didn’t work out for Cassandra and her baby daddy, the gorgeous brunette certainly worked out (see what we did there), because she’s back to modeling her perfect features. When not being an awesome mom and sharing pics of her son on Instagram, Cassandra is a makeup artist and contributes articles about cosmetics to Well RED Blog.

We weren't sure whether her single mom status would elevate her to the top of the heap, or make Juan Pablo wonder whether she was ready to move on with him — nevermind the fact that she was only 21 when she filmed the show last fall. But after a few episodes, she's shown herself to be a total front-runner. Not only did she get some solo time on the group date in Season 18 Episode 2, explaining to Juan Pablo why she was feeling hesitant, she also snagged the first rose of the rose ceremony!

On Episode 3, she got a 1-on-1 date with Juan Pablo, with a cruise down the road in a tricked out ride that turned into a water boat-car. Next, they hit a yacht for some hangin' and then he cooked her dinner at his pad. The beautiful lady then showed off her son in pictures before Juan Pablo slipped her his rose. Safe another week! But wanna know how far Cassandra makes it? Check it.

Do you think Mama Cass sounds like a good match for footballer and dance enthusiast Papa Pabs? Weigh in with your best analysis below!

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