Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Victoria Lima?
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Victoria Lima?

UPDATE 1/13: Poor Victoria. Apparently champagne hits different people in their own special ways, and while Vicky L says she didn't even have one glass, maybe it's because she had one plus Juan plus one more? Any way you look at it, it didn't end well, as she ended up getting hammered in Season 18 Episode 2, went into the hot tub alone for a while, became besties with a bathroom floor, and had to be stopped by Bachelor producers.

She was so blato, she ended up staying at the hotel, and Juan Pablo had to go talk to her the next day. "Buh-bye," was essentially the message the Bachelor gave our little Lima bean, explaining that he has a daughter and he's 32, and he doesn't want that kind of behavior around his daughter. He didn't want to wait for the rose ceremony, so he told her then and there that it was time to go. Are you surprised?

There are a lot of great girls competing for Juan Pablo Galavis this season on The Bachelor. But while all of them are beautiful and available, there are only a handful we’d like to go party with and become besties forever. Among those select few is Victoria Lima, a 24-year-old girl who looks like she might be the most fun fox to hit the small screen.

The Boca Raton beauty is a little tough to track down on the interwebs — thanks to Adriana Lima, Victoria Secret model clogging up the archives — but between Reality Steve’s spoilers and ABC’s official contestant bio, we’ve gotten to know the 5’5” Brazilian girl a little better.

Victoria works as a legal assistant in the F.L., and has one cat — which she got as a “romantic” gift — and one tattoo (of the cat, perhaps?). Although she says in her bio that she prefers to be more mysterious than the center of attention, with her vivacious smile and aura of good times, we have a feeling you’ll get to know her faster than you think this season.

Why is that? Well, because according to Steve, Victoria has a little too much fun on the group date in Episode 2, and winds up making a bit of a scene. The Season 18 promo video shows a brief moment of a girl yelling in an elevator and then in a bathroom. And RS says that would be Our Lady Lima. But don’t worry, girl, we’ve got scrunchies and a short memory, so we’d still pick you to be on our party bus.

“I know this isn’t the most traditional way” of meeting someone to spend “my life with,” Victoria explains, “but I think that the kind of love I am searching for isn’t something that’s easy to find, so I am open to all options.” Well said. For more of Victoria’s thoughts, check out her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

On the January 12 episode of The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes, she talks a little bit about how she was once married, but found out after a year that he was cheating on her. Yikes. "I don't really relate to guys my age, because they're like 'You've been through so much, but you're really pretty... let's sleep together,'" she says of trying to date in real life. We get it, she's beautiful, funny, and seems like a great gal. But still, it's a jungle out there.

We're a little bummed that she gets so drunk that she has to leave early, but the pressure of hanging tough in a room full of wine coolers is a lot. Oh well. We're still cool with just being friends with her...

What do you think of Victoria as a match for Juan Pablo? Weigh in below!

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