Ravenswood Spoilers: Who Is Olivia? And Did Her Mom Really Kill Her Dad?
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Ravenswood Spoilers: Who Is Olivia? And Did Her Mom Really Kill Her Dad?

Though our boy Caleb and his new pal Miranda have been getting a lot of the pre-premiere Ravenswood chatter, we haven’t heard as much about main character Olivia (Merritt Patterson). We know that she is Luke’s (Brett Dier) twin, and that she was a once carefree prom queen who has suffered a recent fall from grace. What other details did Merritt spill about her on-screen counterpart?

“Olivia is kind of your queen bee,” said Merritt in a video interview. “She’s popular. She has everything that you would kind of want, until recent events, which flips her world upside down. And that makes her re-evaluate what she thinks is important and that includes friendships and relationships that she has. So, she’s trying to figure it all out, who she can trust.” Well, we can recommend Caleb’s good nature, but other than that, your guess is as good as ours, Olivia!

We assume Olivia’s fall from grace has something to do with the murder mystery surrounding her family. E!Online described Olivia’s mother, Rochelle Matheson, as “a once confident woman who is now the main suspect in her husband's murder.” Eek. That kind of family drama has got to put a damper on the prom queen campaign.

Are you looking forward to learning more about Olivia’s character? Why do you think she is having an identity crisis? Sound off in the comments below!

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