True Blood Spoilers: Who Is Warlow? 3 Biggest Reveals From Season 6, Episode 5
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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Who Is Warlow? 3 Biggest Reveals From Season 6, Episode 5

Tonight’s episode of True Blood (Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away”) was basically like an episode of MTV’s Diary: You think you know Warlow, but you have no idea.

Within the first minute of the episode, Benlow was dropping truth bombs left and right, and by the final seconds, our jaws were on the floor. If you couldn’t keep up with all of the reveals, we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest ones here. While there are still plenty more mysteries to unravel, for the time being — well, at least this week — we have a few answers about the mysterious vampire-faerie hybrid who is desperate to live happily ever after with Sookie Stackhouse. Read on for three tidbits about Warlow, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories about what’s to come.

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Warlow saved Sookie — her parents were trying to kill her. After thinking for many seasons that Sookie’s parents were brutally murdered by Warlow so he could kidnap her and keep her as his own, it was actually the opposite. While he still wanted Sook, it was all in the name of saving her — after finding out that Warlow was coming to get her when “she was of age” (class act), Papa Stackhouse decided it would be best to kill his daughter instead. He threw her in the trunk and went off to put her to sleep... forever. By killing her parents on the bridge, Warlow saved her life.

He thinks Sookie is his soulmate. Warlow doesn’t just want Sookie for her powers or because she was signed over to him — he thinks she’s his soulmate. “I love you,” Benlow told her, and though she completely rejected his feelings, it’s clear that he cares for her and isn’t looking to kill her as we previously thought.

Billith is Warlow’s maker, and in turn, Bill can control Ben! When Bill stormed in to Sookie’s house after Ben proclaimed his love, things were awkward. Even more awkward was when Bill commanded him to get away from Sook and come home with the Vampire God — and he did! Turns out that Lillith made Ben back in the day. He had long hair, they had sex on the beach, and then she clawed his back and turned him into the vampire-faerie hybrid we know and aren’t sure if we love today. Their relationship is complicated, but it seems that now that Bill is Billith, he can control Benlow, which means Ben and Sookie won’t be getting it on anytime soon.

Were you shocked by these Warlow reveals, or are you still guessing all the plot twists? Sound off below, Truebies!

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