American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Who Won American Idol Season 12!
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American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Who Won American Idol Season 12!

Are you ready for some huge American Idol spoilers? Well, if you haven't watched the finale yet, run away now, because we're about to tell you who won American Idol 2013!

Before the American Idol results tonight, some bloggers believed the winner was predetermined before Candice Glover and Kree Harrison even take the stage tonight! If you wanted to know who was almost certain to be the 2013 American Idol winner, all you had to do is look to the Twitterverse! That's what a lot of fans and predictors were theorizing before the finale.

If the social media site really is the heartbeat of how America felt about the Top 2 finalists, then Candice Glover was an easy pick for who won American Idol Season 12. Right now, Candice has over 94,000 followers on Twitter, compared to just 87,000 for Kree Harrison. According to Candice’s fans and a bunch of bloggers out there, that means Candice Glover had to be the next American Idol winner, right?

But wait, Angie Miller had 172,000 followers on Twitter and she was eliminated last week... and Lazaro Arbos, if we remember him, had a lot more Twitter followers than some of the other Top 10 finalists that last longer than he did... oh no! Stop the presses!

That’s right, it’s time to stop the hype about Twitter followers and Facebook engagement already pre-selecting who won American Idol 12. Angie Miller was the girl to beat going into the Top 3 last week, partially because she had such a strong social media following. But when it came time to vote, those huge Twitter numbers didn’t mean anything at elimination time.

It could be argued that Angie’s massive following collectively decided she was probably so safe that she didn’t need their votes. So they decided to vote for their second favorite instead to make sure either Kree Harrison or Candice Glover made the finale, depending on which girl they preferred. Or maybe Kree Harrison's moving backstory won her the edge at the last minute after her tragic past was featured so heavily during the hometown visits.

Regardless, Angie’s shocking and heartbreaking elimination is just one more demonstration that it is virtually impossible to predict who is going to win American Idol, or any other vote-based reality TV competition for that matter. Just take a gander at some of the fan polls out there for who wins American Idol Season 12, it was really way too close to call.

Even so, it turns out in the end that the social media measure this time around really did have it right. Because the new American Idol winner for Season 12 is indeed Candice Glover! Want to watch how it all went down? Check out our full recap of the finale here!