Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Alex and Jo Stay Together? Camilla Luddington Says…
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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Alex and Jo Stay Together? Camilla Luddington Says…

It’s been undeniable since Jo (Camilla Luddington) first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy last season — she and Alex (Justin Chambers) have some crazy chemistry. But now that they’re finally together, their relationship hasn’t been such smooth sailing, thanks in large part to the return of Alex’s estranged father.

But on last night’s episode (Season 10, Episode 7: “Thriller”), we finally got to see these two make some progress when Jo showed up at Alex’s door as Tinker Bell, asking for forgiveness. But will it last According to Camilla, it’s totally possible.

“I think the door was obviously symbolic of him literally letting her in,” Camilla told TVLine. “I loved it because I feel as if her showing up is something she’s never done in the past. I think she’s thinking that he won’t open the door. I think she’s thinking that it will not fix things, but she just has to say it. I saw that as Jo progressing herself in a relationship.”

So what’s next for these two? Camilla’s hoping they get to finally chill out and enjoy being together.

“There’s a malpractice trial for Callie, and Jo assisted her in that surgery,” Camilla revealed. “So she’s part of that and that’s a little stressful, and Alex is supportive of her then. But I’d kind of just love them to have some sort of romantic vacation or something! They had a couple of episodes where it was fine and then it was instantly drama. Of course, again, that’s in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion.”

Don’t we know it! We highly doubt there are any cruises or stress-free beach trips in Alex and Jo’s futures, but we can’t wait to see their relationship continue to progress.

Do you think Alex and Jo have what it takes to clear their relationship hurdles, or is it just a matter of time before it all falls apart again? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TVLine