Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Bonnie Die?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Bonnie Die?

The Other Side is in trouble on The Vampire Diaries, which means life is about to get real for former witch Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham). As the anchor that holds the supernatural purgatory in existence, any threat to the Other Side is a threat to her. We think? Here’s what executive producer Caroline Dries told TV Guide on the subject.

"We raise the question, 'Can you even kill Bonnie? What would happen?'" Caroline teased of upcoming Season 5 episodes, adding that: "When she's in danger, the whole Other Side is in jeopardy, so it's a big deal to keep her safe.” Yikes! It sounds like Bonnie may be a Living MacGuffin for awhile — i.e. the person everyone wants and who therefore drives the plot forward. We’re guessing the Travelers will eventually try to nab her like they did Amara, the former anchor. And witch twins Luke and Liv, who want to foil all of the Travelers’ plans. And her friends probably want to keep an eye on her to keep her safe. Bon Bon is so popular!

But will Bonnie die? It’s certainly a possibility. This whole season (and arguably the series) has been an exploration of what happens to someone after supernatural death, and how the people who have left this plane of existence can still have an effect on us. TVD has used the “back from the dead” storyline many a time. We think destroying the Other Side would offer thematic closure, as well as encourage the show to explore different kinds of storylines moving forward.

There’s also the fact that Bonnie is kinda, sorta already dead. We think? She was definitely dead at the start of the season, and now we get the impression she’s half-dead. The show hasn’t delved into the effects of Bonnie’s return from the Other Side other than to show her painful duties as an anchor. We’d like them to explore this, even if it ends in Bonnie’s for-real death, because we think the storyline has the possibility to be super compelling. Which would be a nice change for Bonnie’s character. Plus, without any witch powers, she’s pretty much useless.

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