The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Stefan’s Feelings For Elena Return?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Stefan’s Feelings For Elena Return?

Katherine (Nina Dobrev) has been playing some serious games with the Salvatore brothers’ hearts on The Vampire Diaries. Pretending to be Elena, she’s convinced a crazy-in-love Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that her doppelganger doesn’t want to be with him and ready-to-move-on Stefan (Paul Wesley) that she does. Will the latter ruse result in Stefan’s feelings for Elena resurfacing? Executive producer Caroline Dries talked to TV Guide about the possibility!

"Stefan tugs along Elena not realizing it's Katherine ... and you have this chemistry starting to re-sizzle in the relationship,” Caroline teased about tonight’s episode of TVD, which sees Stefan and Katherine hitting the road to save Damon from his new vampire cannibal ways.

But it doesn’t sound like it will be much longer before Stefan and Co. figure out that Katherine has possessed Elena’s body, and the manipulated becomes the manipulator: "Once they figure this out, they know they're going against the master manipulator," Caroline said. "To play a chess game with Katherine Pierce is a very delicate game and you have to really strategize and catch her off guard. So what happens next is that it becomes Katherine vs. our guys and it's that strategy game, and if they mess up, Elena is pretty much gone for good. " So, no pressure.

However Project Save Elena resolves itself (we’re guessing it will be in Elena’s favor), there’s still the question of Stefan’s possibly re-burgeoning feelings. Regardless of the fact that it was Katherine-as-Elena, did spending time with the doppelganger stir up not-so-old feelings?

"Katherine is doing the meanest thing she can do to a person which is just when they get over someone and are in the first stages of healing she tears that wound open again," Caroline said. "She's forcing Stefan to question, 'Was I an idiot for saying goodbye to Elena and walking away?' So we get into his head a little bit with the turmoil she's putting him through. But if I were Stefan and I found out ultimately that it wasn't Elena, there might be some sense of relief in that he doesn't have to go down that road again."

To us, that sounds like the show will not be exploring Stelena again anytime soon, which is an interesting and somewhat refreshing choice. We’re not saying we never want to see Stelena again, but it really doesn’t make sense right now. When Elena was banished from her body, she was still totally in love with Damon. Though that may be complicated now with Damon’s recent actions, that doesn’t mean she has fallen back in love with Stefan. It has also been interesting to see Stefan’s reactions to Katherine-as-Elena’s advances these past few episodes. He could have easily gotten back together with her, but has chosen not to. Yes, some of that is probably because he wants to focus on getting his brother back from the edge, but he seems to have genuinely moved on — at least for now.

Do you think Stefan’s feelings for Elena have re-surfaced? Sound off in the comments below!

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