Scandal Gets Spoofed on Saturday Night Live — Love It or Lame? (VIDEO)


Scandal Gets Spoofed on Saturday Night Live — Love It or Lame? (VIDEO)

It's not easy to keep up with Olivia Pope! Lena Dunham hosted last night's (March 8) Saturday Night Live, and in the Scandal spoof sketch she joined Pope's team of Gladiators. But her character was not quite up to the team standard, acting more like her own Girls' character, Hannah.

At the start of the sketch, Olivia (Sasheer Zamata, doing a pretty good Kerry Washington impression) gave detailed instructions to the group on the possible framing of the Mexican ambassador.

Lena's character, Kelsey, was tasked with flying to Mexico to place a bug on the ambassador's wife. Her response? "Umm ... OK? I mean, I'll totally go, but you just talked so fast and I have literally a thousand follow-up questions."

The other staffers wondered who she was, adding that they didn't have time for this. She introduced herself, saying she was excited to join the team. "But real quick: Um, where in Mexico? What time's my flight? Do I buy the plane ticket through JetBlue or some such? Also, should I bring a bathing suit in case my hotel has a pool?"

Of course, in the middle of the discussion, they still made time for a steamy scene between Olivia and Fitz (Taran Killam), with Sasheer making classic Olivia expressions.

The whole sketch is pretty spot-on, cleverly addressing the insane pace of the ABC show. "Olivia, I feel like you walk faster than I run even though you're always dressed for, like, a formal wedding," Kelsey says. "So um, no offense, but I'm actually gonna go, but I want you to know you are the most beautifully and ethnically diverse people I have ever seen in one room and you should be, like, really proud of that."

Watch the sketch below. Funny? Not funny?

Source: NBC

03.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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