Can You Spot Mark Ballas in This Adorable Flashback Photo?
Credit: Mark on Twitter    

Dancing With The Stars

Can You Spot Mark Ballas in This Adorable Flashback Photo?

It’s time to play Spot The Dancing With the Stars Pro! Mark Ballas, two-time DWTS pro champ, is like our own little Waldo in this flashback photo he shared on Thursday, June 26.

“My first performance ever,” Mark tweeted. "Can y'all spot me? Lol."

First of all, how stinkin’ cute is Mark's pic? Second, can you spot him? It’s a serious question, since commenters don’t seem to agree on which kid is actually Mark. Most said second from right in the front row, but some others said far right in the back row. You know, when you dress enough kids up in furry costumes they all start to blend together. It’s the great equalizer!

If that is Mark in the bottom row, second from right, he has a sweet smile going but he clearly failed to put his paws out for the pic. Modern-day Mark, now 28, would never miss that kind of step, so he’s clearly learned a lot in his many years as a dancer/musician.

Mark spent a good part of his childhood with fellow future DWTS champs Derek Hough and Julianne Hough, when the siblings moved from Utah to London to study dance and live with Mark and his family. The Houghs were recently on the cover of People magazine talking about their crazy childhood. Mark had his own crazy experience, moving from Texas to London, and eventually moving to L.A. to join DWTS and launch his career as a singer-songwriter.

But it all started with this first performance in a cute suit. Ah, memories!

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.

Source: Mark on Twitter