“Squish It In, Just Make It Fit” and Other Choice Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 2
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Jersey Shore

“Squish It In, Just Make It Fit” and Other Choice Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 2

You know what we’ve noticed the Jersey Shore gang does a lot? They say lots of crazy stuff! Here are the Top 10 quotes from Season 3, Episode 2.

10. Deena (On Sammi and Ron): “She’s a female backpack!”
She doesn’t make a good accessory.

9. The Situation: “The Situation needs to situate itself!”
How has he never said this before? He made up for it by saying it 10 times this episode.

8. Vinny: “She is a parasite, and I am the host.”
Not a very welcoming host, obviously!

7. Vinny: “Oh, I got juice all over me!”
Pauly: “That’s what she said!”
Really, Pauly? Really?

6. Pauly D: “Snooki, if I die, just know that I love you!”
What a bombshell! Oh, wait, he’s kidding. ...Isn’t he?

5. JWOWW (On dialing a phone drunk): It’s a lot harder when you see two of the same number.”
Not really. Just pick one.

4. Snooki: “Honestly, like who hides in a bush? Only me. I will pee in a bush, I will poop in a bush and I will hide in a bush.”
Somehow, Snooki, we feel like we already knew this about you.

3. Deena: “I have no idea why Sammi’s here. She’s boring. There’s nothing to her. There’s nothing there. She’s like furniture.”
...And the trend of Deena comparing Sammi to different inanimate objects continues.

2. Pauly: “You don’t come in here on Sunday with a big banana, and expect everything to be peaches!”
Pauly has not missed a step.

1. Deena: “Squish it in. Just make it fit. Anything can fit.”
Vinny: “Me and Snooki know that’s not always true. “
Snooki: "Maybe if we lick it before we stick it." [about the funnel fitting over the broomstick]
Vinny: "That's what we should have done!"
It may be dirty and kind of forced, but at least Vinny's trying to bring some humor into he and Snooki's awkward relationship!

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