Stacey Dash, 47, Dating 25-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend of Mob Wives Star? Not So Fast!
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Stacey Dash, 47, Dating 25-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend of Mob Wives Star? Not So Fast!

Clueless star and new FOX News contributor Stacey Dash, 47, has been photographed with aspiring model/actor Michael Evers, 25, and they are reportedly heading to New York together next month.

The Daily Mail posted photos of Stacey and Michael on a morning hike in Los Angeles. They said he lives in her building in L.A. A friend of Michael's joked to the site, "Michael is the Ashton Kutcher of West Hollywood - he's already dated Nora Schweihs from Mob Wives and she was a LOT older than him!" This nameless friend also added, "But he really likes Stacey and he's taken her hiking and to the Sunset Tower Hotel and she's taking him with her to New York next month."

Stacey has been married three times and has two children, ages 22 and 11.

The Daily Mail contacted Michael directly, and he said, “I don’t want to talk about Stacy right now, but she is a great girl." A rep for Stacey told the site, "I can confirm that Stacey is not dating the actor seen in the pictures. He actually is one of Stacey's neighbor's nephews. They just went on a run."

So even though the rep just tried to "confirm" that they are not dating, the rumor has still spread across the web that the two are dating. Some people have reacted with "you go girl" to date a much younger man, others have said he’s the lucky one to date her, while still others dubbed Stacey a "cougar" with Michael as her "boytoy."

What if she's just hanging out with him — do they get special titles for that? If she does take him to New York and they spend more time together beyond running, maybe these rumors will seem more legit. For now, to quote the great Alicia Silverstone, “as IF!”

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