Stacy Keibler on Pregnancy and Marriage to Jared Pobre: “Our Bond Is So Strong” (VIDEO)
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Stacy Keibler on Pregnancy and Marriage to Jared Pobre: “Our Bond Is So Strong” (VIDEO)

For Stacy Keibler, 2014 has been her year. Not only did she tie the knot with boyfriend Jared Pobre in Mexico, but a few weeks later, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, a baby girl. Talk about a whirlwind romance! It turns out that these two lovebirds have actually been friends for five years, but when they started dating, the 34-year-old former WWE star had a major “epiphany” about love and Jared.

“Before we met, both Jared and I had told our parents we didn’t think we’d ever get married or have kids, but when you’re with the right person, everything changes,” Keibler says in the June/July issue of Fit Pregnancy (via People), where she shows off her growing baby bump.

“My epiphany happened shortly after Jared and I started dating and, once we both knew, we didn’t hesitate — I just knew I was ready and that there’s no one else in the world I would want to do this with.” Be still our hearts!

It turns out these two have an incredibly strong bond, and thanks to their plus one, it’s stronger than ever. “Jared is the most thoughtful, loving, kind person. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my children,” she adds. “Our bond is so strong and special and getting pregnant has made it even more so. It’s been so much fun preparing to become new parents together.”

So how exactly is Stacy preparing for her first foray into motherhood? She has armed herself with research regarding a birth plan, which includes a doula — a non-medical aid who helps the parents transition into their role as parents.

“I’ve always been a student at heart and I’m a big advocate for women educating themselves about the birthing process,” Stacy explains. “Some dangerous practices are standard procedures for hospitals, and women don’t even realize they have a choice about them.”

She adds, “I live in the present moment. I can’t control how my labor will be, only what’s going on today.” We love her mentality! Even though Stacy might not be able to control her labor, you can be sure this mother-to-be is taking every step necessary in keeping her pregnancy as healthy as possible.

“I haven’t felt sick or tired so far — instead, I’ve had an enthusiastic spark that I’ve been harnessing through exercise,” she admits. “I’ve always been conscious of what I put into my body, but now that I’m pregnant I can recognize the positive effects that effort has had.”

Not only are we super excited about Stacy’s pregnancy, but we’re glad this gal found love again after George Clooney. As it happens, George himself also found his happily ever after as well. Guess Stacy was right, “when you’re with the right person, everything changes.” #Preach.

Source: People