Stacy Keibler Explains Split With George Clooney
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Stacy Keibler Explains Split With George Clooney

Millions of people around the world have likely shared the thought, "If I ever dated George Clooney, I would hold onto him like a lion with a gazelle in its mouth and never, ever let him go."

Stacy Keibler, being the cool Amazon that she is, is more "meh" about the situation.

Stacy, who recently split with the actor after two years together, admitted to Extra that she's not stressing over the breakup.

"There's nothing really dramatic that happened, so it's all good," she revealed.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant won't be spending her nights looking through old photo albums, or re-watching the Ocean's movies, thanks to plenty of new opportunities on the horizon.

"I'm someone that's always lived the present moment. I always look at the positive on everything," said the star, who is the host of Lifetime's new show, Supermarket Superstar.

"I'm so excited for all these projects coming up, and I'm super busy."

Source: Us Weekly