What is Stacy Keibler’s Pregnancy Workout?
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What is Stacy Keibler’s Pregnancy Workout?

It’s no secret that Stacy Keibler is expecting her first child with husband of three months, Jared Pobre. After all, the 34-year-old has perfected the art of baby bump selfies, which we can't help but double-tap on Instagram! And now that Stacy’s belly is getting bigger (she is due in a few months!), the mom-to-be is focused on staying healthy and fit.

“She wants to be as healthy and as strong as possible for her baby,” explains Stacy’s Pilates instructor, Nonna Gleyzer, to People. “The focus is on keeping her body strength and also keeping her body aligned.”

So what’s Stacy’s secret? She does traditional Pilates exercises — including customized strengthening exercises — up to four times a week. In fact, it’s nothing new from her pre-pregnancy routine!

“We didn’t have to change much,” says Nonna. “We just do less repetitions and less moves on her back. We’re keeping the muscles strong and long. And we do lower abs and deep breathing, which will help with the birth!” Talk about one tough momma!

As for Stacy’s diet, she's committed to eating right — even when it comes to her cravings.Stacy eats clean, quality food,” Nonna explains. “There is no garbage. She doesn’t eat French fries or milkshakes. You can splurge but still make healthy choices!”

You can also be sure that Stacy already planned out her post-baby workout. But Nonna is quick to add that the new momma will be taking 4-6 weeks off so she can spend some quality time with her little girl.

“[Stacy] will be a natural mom,” Nonna gushes. “She’s all about love and sharing. I want her to have another baby soon!” Us too, Nonna, us too.

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Source: People