Star-Crossed: A Glossary of Atrian Terms — Suvek, Trag, and More!
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Star-Crossed: A Glossary of Atrian Terms — Suvek, Trag, and More!

One thing we love about Star-Crossed is the in-depth, well-explored mythology and endless backstory of the Atrians! With that, however, comes a ton of background information and terms to remember. The word Eljida sounds hot coming out of Roman (Matt Lanter)'s mouth, but what does it mean? And where does Trag come from? In last night's episode, "Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars," Vega (Merle Dandridge), referred to a Suvek — what is a Suvek, and why would Saroya have to build it?

Behind a lot of that is David J. Peterson, who also manages the language and alphabets over on Game of Thrones — great job, or best job? — so a ton of our information comes from his Tumblr. He built the Atrian language, Sondiv, from scratch, and he's even been taking requests for words and phrases from Stargazers… and if you want to get really nerdy with it, learn some sweet conjugations here.

While we're not a comprehensive Atrian/English dictionary, we can go over some terms and phrases that have already been covered in the show. Read on for some terms specific to Star-Crossed and their meanings. We'll update as new terms come through!

Cyper: An herb grown by Atrians with powerful healing qualities. Another variety, Black Cyper, is deadly to both humans and Atrians.

Dinaskyu: An Atrian holiday, described as a combination between Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Eljida: A secret Atrian settlement on Earth believed by many to be mythological.

Iksen: An Atrian tribal leader. Each of the four tribes is designated one, e.g. Castor is the Iksen for the Zwahan.

Itrejivil: The Atrian word for… well, Atrian.

Iwabas: The mystic tribe of Atrians. Teri and her mom, Vega, are both Iwabas.

Mirzan: First seen in "An Old Accustom'd Feast" when a Mirzan gave Emery a vision of being a pilot on the Atrian spaceship, a Mirzan is similar to a black box on an airplane — only it records the sensory perception of the pilot.

Sondiv: The Atrians' native language

Suvek: A device that Trag leader Vega called "The last weapon we'll ever need against the humans." When not being used as the name of a weapon, it directly translates to something like "blast."

Swamad: The agricultural tribe of Atrians. We haven't really met any Swamad characters on Star-Crossed.

Trags: An Atrian resistance group that seeks Atrian dominance over humans. The word "trag" originally referred to an aquatic predator on Atria.

Vwasak: The warrior tribe of Atrians. Drake is a Vwasak.

Zwahan: The ruling tribe of Atrians. The Iksen of the Zwahan is effectively the ruler of all the Atrians — a job currently filled by Castor. Roman and his family, including Sophia, are members of the Zwahan tribe. Learn how to pronounce it on David's Tumblr.

Arrival Day: The day the Atrian spaceship crashed on Earth — used by both Atrians and humans.

Red Hawks: A human-led anti-Atrian group.

The Sector: A restricted zone where the Atrians are required to live.

Tatties: A slur for Atrians.

Any other terms you can't figure out? Let us know in the comments!

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