Star-Crossed Star Malese Jow on Julia Growing Closer to Roman and the Cyper’s Side Effects — Exclusive
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Star-Crossed Star Malese Jow on Julia Growing Closer to Roman and the Cyper’s Side Effects — Exclusive

Tonight’s episode of Star-Crossed is a big one for Emery’s (Aimee Teegarden) bestie Julia (Malese Jow). Thanks to Roman and the miraculous healing powers of the Cyper herb, she’s been cured of her terminal illness, which means she’s finally able to be a normal teen girl. And, of course, her first plan of action as a normal, healthy high schooler is attending the school carnival.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Malese Jow ahead of Episode 2 (“These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”) and we got the scoop on what to expect this season — from Julia and Roman’s special connection, to the stellar fashion, and a potential romance for Julia!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We’re so happy your character survived the first episode because for a minute, it looked like you were about to be killed off another CW show.

Malese Jow: It was so cruel for all the Vampire Diaries fans who were watching. They were like, “This can’t be happening again!” So we had fun with that. It was interesting. [Laughs.]

Is Julia going to start to suspect that something happened that night? Because she made quite the miraculous recovery.

She is! Something happens between the two of them that sets off her suspicions. It’s outlandish, but she’s so into the Atrians, and knows so much more about them than a normal person would, that she doesn’t think it’s too far off to suspect that. So that definitely progresses, and she finally confronts Roman for some answers. They end up sharing this secret for a while because if anyone else knew about it, it could put tons of people in danger — not only Emery and the people close to them, but the whole Atrian race as well. Julia definitely has a heart for the Atrians, so that’s the last thing she would want. She tries to keep that secret for as long as possible.

It sounds like her and Roman are going to have this unique friendship.

Yeah. They're kind of partners in crime. And that causes friction between Roman and Emery and Julia and Emery because she has no idea what’s going on. So it’s interesting to see that play out.

Star-Crossed Star Malese Jow on Julia Growing Closer to Roman and the Cyper’s Side Effects — Exclusive
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When it comes to the Roman vs. Grayson debate, it’s safe to say that Julia is on Team Roman, right?

Oh yeah. Julia is definitely Team Roman. Emery and Roman are her OTP, as people online would say. As soon as Julia returns to school with Emery, she gets to be in the middle of that with her. I definitely think she wants them together.

Let’s talk about Julia and Emery’s friendship. It sounds like they’re going to have their ups and downs, but their friendship is the heart of the show.

It’s an amazing friendship! The way that it was written, and the chemistry that Aimee [Teegarden] and I have, it’s so genuine and real. I would want to be in a friendship like that! They have each other’s backs. They started out going through some really hard times together in the hospital, so that, in a way, formed an unbreakable bond. They’re both living this new chapter of their lives — they get to be normal high school girls! It’s really fun to finally see them get to be girly and talk about boys and wear cute clothes. We finally get to see Julia out of pajamas, which is awesome. I’m obsessed with the fashion on this show. It’s amazing.

Is there something slightly futuristic about the fashion?

Slightly, yeah, because we’re only 10 years in the future. We have a lot of ‘80s-influenced fashion. It’s really cool. I feel like Caroline, our costume designer, took matters into her own hands and created such an amazing wardrobe for all of the characters, even the Atrians. I, personally, want to dress like an Atrian. They are so badass. They’re rough around the edges, but their clothes are sleek and black and ripped and edgy. They have feathers and chains! Who wouldn’t want to be an Atrian?

Seeing as Julia is the Atrians’ biggest supporter, are we going to see her bond with any of the other Atrians?

There are situations where humans and Atrians all have to band together, so there are definitely moments where she gets to interact with them. In [Episode 2] there’s a school carnival, and you can tell by Julia’s hair style that she’s definitely inspired by the Atrian style. So it’s really fun to see her take on things like that.

Star-Crossed Star Malese Jow on Julia Growing Closer to Roman and the Cyper’s Side Effects — Exclusive
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Can we expect any more trips back to the Sector? That was such a cool set.

It’s beautiful! I was obsessed with that set. There’s so much detail. You could go there every day and still find something new. So yeah, there are many exciting things that are going to be happening in the Sector, fun and dangerous. Julia and Emery even get to go in one of the pods, so you get to see one of the pods — it’s Roman’s pod, actually. We get to explore more of the Sector, which is really exciting because it’s just a totally different world.

And we’re also going to explore more of the Atrian mythology and what brought them to Earth. Seeing as Julia is an Atrian expert, is she going to be a big part of that?

Definitely. And now that she’s involved in the whole Cyper saga, she’s very much submerged in that world. It’s dangerous and people have their suspicions, and it gets a little rocky.

Are we going to see any more effects from the Cyper?

You just might! Everything comes with a consequence or an unforeseen side effect. It’s very exciting and those were very cool scenes to shoot, so I can’t wait for everyone else to see it.

What are you most excited for the fans to see this season?

Julia is fearless, and you’re really going to see her fearlessness come out. In the first episode, she’s the cute, funny best friend, but they’re really going to see her shine. And later on this season, she may or may not be falling love [laughs], so there are a lot of things to look forward to. I can’t wait for people to fall in love with her the way that I have fallen in love with her.

Catch the next episode of Star-Crossed on Monday, February 24 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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