Star-Crossed: 5 Facts About Matt Lanter
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Star-Crossed: 5 Facts About Matt Lanter

Why hide it? Although we love the gripping storylines, the thrilling action sequences, and the struggle for equal rights in Star-Crossed, one of our favorite things about the series is the oh-so-gorgeous Matt Lanter. Thanks to his role as Roman, one of the Atrians and the male lead on the show, we now get to gaze into this guy's baby-blues on the weekly — even more than we did when he played bad-boy Liam Court in 90210.

Want to know more about this hottie? Of course you do. Read on for 5 facts about Star-Crossed star Matt Lanter.

He's a Newlywed.

Matt married his girlfriend Angela Stacy, who he dated since 2009, at Calamigos Ranch in Southern California in June 2013. The beautiful landscape, the custom Lazaro wedding gown, and their choice of music as Angela walked down the aisle — The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" — might make this wedding seem like a classic, sentimental tissue-fest, but that's not the whole story! They invited some storm troopers along. Yes, like in Star Wars.

For context, Matt's not just a huge Star Wars fan — he voices Anakin in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Still, it takes a serious superfan to get your wedding emcee to introduce you and your wife as, "From a galaxy far away, I would like to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lanter!"

He Auditioned for Chris Pine's Role in Just My Luck.

When asked about his first-ever audition in a Twitter Q&A, Matt admitted that he tried out for the flop Just My Luck, which starred Lindsay Lohan! "Chris Pine got that role, I believe," says Matt.

Assuming he auditioned for the male lead, then yes, Star Trek Into Darkness hottie Chris Pine did get that role — but it's probably good for Matt that he didn't get it. Chris would later call the experience a "cyclone of insanity," although it's unclear whether he meant that as a good thing or a bad thing.

Soon after, Matt would audition for — and also be rejected from — Zac Efron's role in High School Musical. This time, he got closer to glory, but he says it's for the best that Zac got the role. "Obviously they made the right choice with Zac because it ended up being a huge thing," Matt told People. "He's become super famous now!"

His Favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones.

During a Twitter Q&A, Matt waffled around about his favorite movies. "Jurrassic [sic] Park," he started. "Lost Boys. Departed… AAAH I can't choose!" When asked about his favorite TV show, however, there was no hesitation. "Love me some Game of Thrones," he said.

He Loves the Hunger Games Movies.

Although the Jennifer Lawrence-led film franchise didn't make his list of favorites, he does appear to be a fan. Likely in reference to an interview, a fan tweeted, "When Matt Lanter said he wanted children…" along with a screenshot of Katniss yelling "I volunteer!"

Matt seemed to enjoy the joke. "Ahh ha haa," he Twitter-laughed. "Love HG!"

He's Christian, But Hates the Word "Religious."

Christianity is a huge part of Matt's life — it even comes first in his Twitter bio, before Jedi. But religious, he says, he is not.

"I believe in the Bible and I believe in Jesus. It's a big part of my life," he tells People. "I don't really like the word 'religion' … To me that's like rules and regulations and paying money to send up prayers. That kind of all weirds me out, honestly."

Their belief systems must've been at least one thing he and his wife Angela bonded over — her Twitter bio reads, "Just a girl who loves Jesus."

Have any Matt knowledge to share? Let us know in the comments!

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