Star-Crossed: Will There Be a Season 2? (UPDATE)
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Star-Crossed: Will There Be a Season 2? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: As you may have heard, yesterday the CW announced that they're giving Star-Crossed, plus The Tomorrow People and The Carrie Diaries, the axe. We're super-bummed, as are a legion of super-organized fans.

Original Feature, April 17:

Stargazers know Star-Crossed is totally worthy of a second season — but the series's future still seems to be in jeopardy. While those that try out the show seem to immediately get hooked, there haven't been enough eyes on the series to make Season 2 a no-brainer!

Zap2It's Cancellation Bear seems pretty sure that Roman (Matt Lanter) and Emery Whitehill (Aimee Teegarden) have no future — and not just because of Teri (Chelsea Gilligan)'s meddling. Ratings have been inconsistent; while the series has had great weeks here and there, including a record-breaking week on March 31, Monday isn't a great night for the CW. Especially since Star-Crossed is paired with The Tomorrow People, which isn't doing too fabulously, either.

Despite low ratings, though, the fan base is strong! Word of mouth has made a huge difference for this underdog hit, with occasional viewership peaks — and no huge dips — since its relatively disappointing premiere. Even sci-fi legend William Shatner has been trying to spread the good word about the series!

Shilo Adams over at ScreenFad made a compelling case for the series, pointing out that competition has been fierce for its timeslot… especially during Star-Crossed's premiere. "[T]hose who have sampled the show have stuck around, meaning that the problem isn’t the show itself," Shilo explains. "It’s that Star-Crossed premiered against the Olympics on an immensely crowded Monday."

It's true; Star-Crossed has had one hit after another in terms of competition moving forward, too. The How I Met Your Mother finale was one big conflict; late-season episodes of The Bachelor, including both the Women Tell All and the big finale, presented another obstacle.

So we all know that we want Star-Crossed to get a second season — even readers of the Season 2 naysayers at Zap2It's TV By the Numbers are over 65% in favor of renewal. But do you think that the CW will do right by the series and renew it — and maybe move it to a better time slot? Vote below!

There'd better be a second season!

It's totally getting canceled...

Why do you think Star-Crossed will — or won't — get a Season 2? Let us know your thoughts below!

04.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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