Star-Crossed Glossary: Who Are the Trags and the Red Hawks?
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Star-Crossed Glossary: Who Are the Trags and the Red Hawks?

Now that we’re a few episodes into The CW’s new sci-fi drama, Star-Crossed, the unique version of a futuristic 2024 earth it takes place in is starting to become clearer. Sure, most things are the same. But the technology’s far more advanced. And there a number of new terms we’ve come to learn that are essential for understanding the world that Roman (Matt Lanter) and Emery (Aimee Teegarden) inhabit.

First of all, there’s Atrians, which is the name of the race of tattoo-sporting aliens that have crash landed on earth and are now attempting to integrate in with human society. Cyper is a unique plant, cultivated only by the Atrians, which is similar to saffron... but also contains secret healing powers when combined with Atrian blood.

Lately, we’ve also been introduced to two extremist groups: one human and one alien. The group of human extremists are known as Red Hawks. These humans firmly believe that the earth should be free of Atrians, and that, if allowed to stay on earth, the Atrians will enact a plan to colonize and take over the earth. They’re deemed by many as extremists, but there numbers are growing. Robert Vartan is their most vocal member, but in Episode 3, we learn that Emery’s close friend (and potential love interest) Grayson’s parents are also Red Hawks. He swears to her that he’s not one of them, but his true loyalties are still unclear at this time.

The Atrian extremists are known as Trags. They’re a militant branch of aliens who, unlike their Roman, his family and the rest of their peaceful brethren, actually do want to take over earth and kill the humans. Roman’s ex, Teri, is a Trag, as is their classmate, Drake. Teri’s mother is the leader of the Trags.

In Episode 3, Teri’s mom introduces black cyper, a new form of the life-giving plant that has the ability to kill whatever life form it touches. She uses it to kill Beaumont, a Trag who had pledged his loyalty to Roman’s Uncle Castor, the newly-appointed Atrian leader. Beaumont at first appeared human, until we learned that he’d had his Atrian neck markings removed as part of a Trag mission to build an army of Trags hidden in plain sight outside of the alien compound, the sector.

Before Beaumont was killed, he told Roman that there were “enough” of his kind living amongst the humans to form and effective army. The more we learn about the Trags, the more it becomes clear just how big of a threat they pose. That alien invasion and hostile takeover the “paranoid” Red Hawks are so paranoid about? Not actually a bunch of paranoid delusions. As it turns out, the threat is incredibly real.

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