Star-Crossed: Who Will Die Tonight in Episode 10?
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Star-Crossed: Who Will Die Tonight in Episode 10?

Tonight's episode of Star-Crossed, Season 1, Episode 10: "What Storm Is This That Blows So," traps the students of Marshall High on lockdown due to, you guessed it, a hurricane. Last week, executive producer Adele Lim told us that "not all of our characters, and not all our relationships, are going to survive this storm" — but what does that mean? Who, exactly, isn't going to survive?

Star-Crossed isn't Game of Thrones — deaths aren't super-common, and when they do occasionally happen, they're part of larger plot points. Roman (Matt Lanter)'s father, Nox, dies in Episode 1 to set off a state of civil unrest that permeates through the rest of the season. Meddling Zoe (Dora Madison Burge) was killed by Drake (Greg Finley) in self-defense, but the secret of her demise still hangs over his head — he told everyone she just moved away, but Grayson Montrose (Gray Damon) figured out his secret last week.

Point being: If we're to take Adele's words at face value, this week's death is going to be a doozy… and we have some ideas about who will bite the dust this week, and the consequences to come.

Eva Benton: The high school biology teacher played by Stephanie Jacobsen is our number one choice. She's only a science teacher to get close to the Atrian Seven for her mysterious, corporate research purposes — and if she dies, perhaps we'll have to deal with her boss, the mysterious Mr. Burke, more directly. Maybe her death would finally give Julia (Malese Jow) a break, too — Eva knows that Roman cured Julia of her terminal illness, and will stop at nothing to use Julia as a test subject. We also know that Eva has some Atrians, some alive, some dead, in a lab somewhere, given her cell phone commands to who-knows-where to "bury them" and "drain them," and if she dies, maybe more of her secrets will be uncovered.

Eric: Grayson's buddy Eric (Jesse Luken) is in the main group of Marshall High students' periphery, but he's rapidly becoming an important character. He recently cut ties from the anti-Atrian group the Red Hawks, but not everyone's gotten the memo on his newly-drawn allegiances. His death could lead to increased violence against the Atrians.

Ray Whitehill: Emery's dad, played by Jay Huguley, seems a likely candidate, too. He works as a guard in the Sector, and since he killed Nox, an Atrian leader, early in the series, he basically has a target on his head — and if the Sector locks down during the storm, it seems like an extra-dangerous time for him. Given that Nox was Roman's dad, this might put an interesting kind of strain on their relationship moving forward.

Castor: Roman's dastardly uncle Castor (Johnathon Schaech) dying, while it would be immediately cathartic, might do more harm than good. He's woven a tangled political web across the Sector, especially since becoming Iksen — and it could take a while to untangle.

Vega: Teri (Chelsea Gilligan)'s mother Vega is leader of the anti-human resistance group the Trags, so she already has a high-risk job — but add in a hurricane, and she's even more at risk. Not only do people strongly disagree with her as a Trag — the gal's killed a lot of people — as a member of the Iwaba tribe, she manages a garden of mystic and powerful herbs, many dangerous. With the storm catching everyone off-guard, who knows what trouble she could run into?

Who, if anyone, do you think will die tonight? Let us know your theories below!

04.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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