Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Was Discovered at a KFC Drive-Thru?

We know that people aren’t born being housewives, but it’s pretty hard to imagine any of the glitzy gals of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills working in the fast food industry. Uniforms, huge amounts of grease, and hairnets? We think not.

So imagine our surprise when one of the current ladies of RHoBH revealed that she used to work at a KFC — you know, the place with fried chicken and tons of delicious fixings. She might live in the 90210 now, but that’s not where she got her big break.

Do you think you know which housewife used to take orders and tell you to “come again”? Take a guess, click through, and then pick your jaw up off the ground.