Once Upon a Time Star Jamie Chung Talks New NBC Show, Believe — Exclusive
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Star Jamie Chung Talks New NBC Show, Believe — Exclusive

Once Upon a Time’s Jamie Chung reprised her role of Mulan in the final minutes of the Season 2 finale, but that may be the last we see of her for a while.

The actress booked a huge role on J.J. Abrams’s NBC pilot Believe, which was just picked up and debuts mid-season. Though it is a far cry from Storybrooke, she plays a similar role as a “protector” of a “girl with a gift” — much like the way she looked after her OUAT bestie, Aurora.

We caught up with Jamie at The Olevolos Project Brunch Party Fundraiser on May 11 at The General in New York City, where she raved about the pilot and co-stars and revealed if she’ll get back into Mulan’s armor again in Season 3.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell me about your new pilot, Believe. Are you this “girl with the gift”?
Jamie Chung: No, no — I’m actually the girl protecting the girl with the gift. This little girl, Johnny Sequoyah, is 10 years old. She’s an amazing actress. This is her first time acting, she comes from a great family, and she’s so full of life. We’ve become best friends. I don’t think that would have been possible with me being my age and this little girl, but we’ve developed this amazing relationship and she’s so perfect and I know she’s going to be a big star. But regardless, it’s a great show, and I feel like in real life, I also need to protect her, and that’s kind of the same relationship I have with her on TV.

Like with Mulan and Aurora! You had practice.
Yes, yes, yes! Great analogy!

So, tell me a little more about your character.
I play a character named Channing; she’s one of the protectors of this really special girl, played by Johnny Sequoyah. It’s directed by this amazing director Alfonso Cuarón and backed by J.J. Abrams, so like with [co-creators] Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] and Once Upon a Time, it all comes from the same family of talented writers and producers.

Once Upon a Time Star Jamie Chung Talks New NBC Show, Believe — Exclusive
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

You’ve had really good luck!
Oh yeah. I get to play Mulan.

Started from San Diego, now you’re here...
[Sings Drake’s “Started From the Bottom”] Started from the bottom, now we here! I’m sprinkled with good luck and I feel so blessed. I think it’s going to be a great year of television!

Do you think you’ll still have time for Once next season?
I will always make time to play Mulan. It’s such an iconic role for me, and it was such an honor and privilege. I would never give that up to give it to someone else.

We actually did a ship bracket like March Madness, and Aurora and Mulan made it really far.
Ahh, please send it to me!

The fans adore them together. They love you, the show, everything.
They’re just so good and loyal, and I’ve never felt that kind of love on Twitter. I love those fans so much and I just want you guys to know I appreciate it so much, like, please don’t stop! I get so much love from Once Upon a Time and I love them so much, and I love the show so much.

Will you watch Jamie’s new show? Do you think Mulan should return in Season 3? Sound off below!

Alyse Whitney is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @AlyseWhitney.