Pretty Little Liars Star Julian Morris: I Like Taking on Roles That Scare Me
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Star Julian Morris: I Like Taking on Roles That Scare Me

We know Julian Morris best as super shady Dr. Wren on Pretty Little Liars or, perhaps, as Prince Philip on Once Upon a Time, but the British actor is breaking outside of his comfort zone in a new romantic drama that just hit the British big screens. What is the film and why did it have Julian so nervous? Read on to find out!

Julian will be starring in Kelly + Victor, a novel-based film set in Liverpool that shows the increasingly intense relationship between 20-something lovers Kelly (played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes) and Victor (played by our boy, Julian). The two hook up in a club and their sexual relationship soon delves into sadomasochism (i.e. S&M).

"Playing Victor was the perfect role it scared the s--t out of me," Julian told Mr. Porter magazine about his decision to take a part so different from the roles he usually fills. He references Michael Fassbender’s turn in Shame a 2011 film that tells the story of one man’s sexual addiction as a particular inspiration for making the leap.

“I decided that I needed to work towards getting on the track that I wanted to be on as an actor, and part of that involved doing bold stuff, stuff that scared me,” said Julian. "I genuinely believe that you've only got one life. And you should max it out." Wise words, Julian.

Kelly + Victor was just released in the U.K. on September 20, but there is no release date set yet for the U.S. So far, the film has been garnering mostly positive reviews. We’re very proud of Julian!

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