Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse Reveals Her Favorite “A” Theory
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Star Sasha Pieterse Reveals Her Favorite “A” Theory

When Pretty Little Liars returns for its fifth season, we’re hoping to get some answers, including, perhaps, the answer to the show’s biggest mystery — who is “A”? After four years of twists and turns and the some of the shadiest characters on TV, there may just be millions of “A” theories out there. But which is Sasha Pieterse’s (Alison) favorite?

“I’ve heard a lot [of ‘A’ theories],” Sasha told Clevver News. “I get sent them daily. My favorite has been that — it was something really weird about Courtney, my twin, if I still have my twin [from the books]. It was my twin Courtney was hiding in my lake house, and wreaking havoc somewhere.” We hear you. Sasha. We have our own twinny suspicions concerning the “A” game, and we’d love to see Sasha play Ali’s evil (or good?) twin.

But we may prefer Sasha’s other favorite theory: “My other one, which I think is somewhat more realistic considering our show, is that Maya was ‘A,’” Sasha outlines. “Because, if you think about it — I don’t think this is happening, by the way, I’m not talking from what I know. But, if you think about it, on our show usually, the person isn’t necessarily dead unless you see the person’s face. So, if you just see a bodybag, you don’t know about that. And you only saw a bodybag for Maya, so who knows?” Who knows, indeed. We’ve wondered before if Maya might have faked her death just like Ali. Sounds like we’re not the only ones!

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Catch the Season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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