Starbucks Baby Name: Patrons Get to Decide Moniker in Customer Contest
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Starbucks Baby Name: Patrons Get to Decide Moniker in Customer Contest

Logan Jackson Dixon is very lucky he didn’t end up being named “Venti” or “Frappuccino,” because his folks decided to let the customers at a New Haven Starbucks vote on his name.

The New Haven Register reports that Jennifer James and Mark Dixon, the proud parents-to-be, couldn’t decide what to name their impending bundle of joy — due in September — so they decided to put the question to customers at their regular Starbucks.

The couple visited the Starbucks in New Haven almost daily, since it was right around the corner from Elm City Market where Mark works. They soon got to know the employees and other regulars.

When they found out Jennifer was pregnant in January, they realized that she preferred the name Jackson and Dixon favored Logan. The two names were selected after long deliberation by the couple, who eventually decided that they were the only names they both liked, but they were at a stalemate about which one. So the couple got the idea for the voting based on a system used by that Starbucks location, where customers vote for employee of the month.

Since beginning the contest, Dixon estimated they received nearly 1,800 votes, not including people who voted more than once. Some guests and employees even began stuffing the ballot box with their picks. Every few days, they counted the ballots. The couple finally declared that Logan was a clear winner. “Logan — by far. At least by 400 or 500,” Mark said.

Jennifer shared that the write-ins, which were pretty amusing: “We’ve gotten Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln. Someone put Webster,” she said. The couple planned to end their contest and make a poster to hang in the store, notifying customers which name won. After almost half a year of deliberation, their son will be named Logan Jackson.

The couple plans to keep the votes in a baby scrapbook for Logan to see when he’s older, along with newspaper clippings from the time leading up to his birth. “He’s going to love it,” Mark said.

Source: New Haven Register

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