People Prolong “War on Christmas” Starbucks Drama With Creepy Cookies
Credit: Starbucks on Instagram    

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People Prolong “War on Christmas” Starbucks Drama With Creepy Cookies


Last month, Starbucks got in trouble for a perceived “war on Christmas.” Their chosen weapon: seasonal red cups completely lacking any Christmastime decorations.

Now a photo of polar bear cookies by the coffee chain has reignited the drama. The sugary snacks unfortunately look like the furry friend’s throat has been slashed.

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If no one had mentioned the macabre conspiracy theory, everyone would just say, “Oh look! That cookie polar bear has a nice warm scarf. How cute.”

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Now we’re worried about bleeding Antarctic wildlife instead. The Imgur photo that started all of this hubbub has been viewed nearly 3 million times since December 9 and it’s popping up all over Twitter.

But all this War on Christmas angst is for nothing. Starbucks discontinued the treats all the way back in 2010 and hasn’t sold them since.

The “smiling polar bear cookies,” as the store calls them, are part of a tradition of rotating holiday-themed confections. This year you can pick up snowmen cookies and gingerbread people in holiday sweaters.

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Hopefully none of them can also be featured in a horror movie.