Hot Stars With Bad Personal Hygiene — Brad Pitt, Megan Fox, and More (VIDEO)

Might want to plug your nose for this story, folks. Hollyscoop has done us all a, um, favor and rounded up the grossest personal hygiene stories as shared by Hollywood’s rich and famous. Obviously money can’t buy you grooming.

First up, Anderson Cooper. The silver fox of a news anchor once revealed he wears the same jeans practically every day and very rarely washes them. We’re talking twice in six months for a guy who jets around the world, getting into the direst nooks and crannies to report the news!

Robert Pattinson’s the same when it comes to staying clean but he prefers to skip showers rather than laundry. “I don’t really see the point of washing your hair,” the Twilight leading man has said on record. Maybe vampires don’t sweat?

Keep watching the video above to hear what other celebs skip some steps in the cleanliness department. We’ll admit a few of the stories made us change our own list of which hunky stars we want to get close to in a hurry. Sorry, Brad Pitt but you’d think with your last name you’d be all about the deodorant.