Stars Who Came Out in 2014 (PHOTOS)

Coming out is hard, whether it's to your parents, your school, and your friends ;— or, like these celebs, ;to your fans, your critics, and the whole world! It's a super-brave act, even in 2014.

The Stonewall Riots, a landmark in American history for the LGBT community, happened nearly 45 years ago on June 28, 1969, and are considered by many to be the birth of the modern LGBT movement. In honor of Pride Month, let's take a look at who emerged from the closet this year.

Last year saw many celebs emerge from the closet, from Jodie Foster to Darren Young to Wentworth Miller — and all across the LGBTQ spectrum. This year is already gaining a ton of momentum for celebs living out of the closet. We saw some new milestones come to fruition: Djuan Trent became the first-ever Miss America contestant to come out, and Michael Sam is poised to be the first openly gay player in the NFL! Plus, Neon Trees ;frontman proudly declared that he's both gay and ;a Mormon.

Who else came out this year? Click through the gallery for more details! We hope that the more public figures live openly, the more opportunities there are for others to come out safely and happily.