Vampire Diaries Stars React to April Fools’ Day
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Stars React to April Fools’ Day

Did you survive April Fools’ Day unscathed? The Vampire Diaries crew was a mixed bag. Some were fooled. Some were not. Some did not take kindly to their significant others finishing House of Cards without them. Check out these hilarious April Fools’ Day reactions from your favorite TVD stars.

Candice Accola’s Netflix freak out. We understand better than anyone the horror and anger that can happen when someone finishes binge-watching a show you watch together without you. Candice Accola’s husband, Fray guitarist Joe King, used this very Millennial experience to trick Candice — and he totally got her! Candice posted a screenshot of her reactionary text when Joe fake-confessed to finishing House of Cards without her. Ha! Now that we think about it, this is kind of the perfect April Fools’ Day joke for the modern age.

Nina Dobrev sees through her brother’s fake-arrest. Apparently, it’s relatively difficult to pull a prank on Nina Dobrev. The actress immediately saw through her brother’s attempt to trick her into thinking he had been arrested. You can’t trick the trickster!

Steven R. McQueen is very gullible. Steven R. McQueen didn’t go into any details about who may have pulled a fast one on him in the name of April Fools’ Day, but we get the impression it happened a lot. No wonder it was so easy for the entire TVD cast and crew to surprise Steven on his last day of filming.

Ian Somerhalder is a college professor. We’re not sure if anyone pulled a prank on Ian Somerhalder, but he certainly did a number on students in one Emory University business class when he and fiancée Nikki Reed showed up to teach the class. It was part of Chevrolet’s #BestDayEver campaign, and Ian seemed to have a great time talking to young people about progressive marketing. Best April Fools’ Day “joke” ever.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder #BestDayEver Behind The Scenes from WhoSay on Vimeo.

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