Stars Who Used to Be Strippers: Shake It ‘Til You Make It! (PHOTOS)

Just ask Lady Gaga — while they may be rich and famous now, not all stars were just born that way! Some celebs work desk jobs or wait tables waiting for their big breaks; others find a different (and much sexier) way to pay the bills.

From Channing Tatum to NeNe Leakes, all kinds of celebrities from screens big and small used to strip — and since they're all different people, they feel very differently about their pasts. While Courtney Love stripped to pay for her band's equipment, Eve quit stripping to launch her career as a rapper. Three women on this list wrote about exotic dancing in their memoirs, and two of those women found it empowering.

Of course, not everyone used stripping as a day job — one surprising Academy Award winner was only a stripper for a day.

We'll stop teasing you. Read on for 10 celebs that stripped before they got famous!