Salute the Troops! Stars Who Have Played Soldiers (PHOTOS)

Actors make a living portraying other people, and while some roles may be on the silly side, other times they take on more noble stories. One such occasion? When they play soldiers, suiting up and telling the stories of American battles — both real and fictional.

So, in honor of Memorial Day 2014, a holiday dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives in service of the United States, let’s take a look at over 20 celebs who have played soldiers on TV or in a movie. ;And while not all of them “served” in a historically accurate battle (ahem, stars of ;Battleship ;and ;Avatar), they've all shaped up and shipped out — and in some cases shaved their head — to answer the call of duty. The “duty” being to make cinematic (or premium cable) magic.

We salute them, and we salute our fallen troops. Flip through to see some of our favorite actors in battle.

(If you want to see stars who served in the real-life military, there's a gallery for that, too!)