Stassi Schroeder Appeared on Which Popular Reality Series When She Was a Teen?
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Stassi Schroeder Appeared on Which Popular Reality Series When She Was a Teen?

Before Stassi Schroeder was serving yummy entrées at SUR and getting into weekly catfights with her co-workers on Vanderpump Rules, she appeared on another very popular reality show. Put on your thinking cap and consider all of Stassi’s talents. Did she appear on So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, or The Amazing Race?

Wetpaint asked Viggle users to put their reality TV brains to the test and answer correctly — and they proved to be smart cookies! 17 percent of users answered American Idol, 22 percent answered So You Think You Can Dance, and a whopping 61 percent answered The Amazing Race, which is the correct response!

If you’ll think back, Stassi and the rest of the Schroeder clan appeared on CBS’s wildly popular adventure series for Season 8’s Family Edition in 2005. Stassi, who was then just 17 years old, was just as dramatic as she is today, and even had an epic meltdown during a fight with her dad — yes, the man who always has Baileys Irish Cream, you know, just in case.

While Stassi will always be a winner to us, she and her family came in seventh place that season. That’s at least halfway around the world, right?

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