Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder has impeccable fashion taste  and she's sharing her strong feelings about who she feels were the best and worst-dressed celebs at the 2014 Oscars ceremony. 

Stassi feels that the best-dressed stars at this year's ceremony were Kate Hudson, Lupita Nyong'o, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Here's what she says about J-Law's look: "I’ve been waiting all award season for a style icon moment from Lawrence, and to my delight, she delivered! I’ve never seen her look so statuesque and graceful (without the trips and falls)."

As for Lupita, who won the Best Supporting Actress statue, Stassi says she looks "heavenly, feminine, and dreamlike," and Stassi adds that she "can't get enough of the sleek headband."

However, she thought the worst-dressed stars were Kristen Bell, Liza Minelli, Anna Kendrick, and sadly, Jared Leto. About Jared's outfit, she writes: "We get it, you don’t care. You go against the grain. You don’t want to conform. You hate bathing. You love ombre highlights. Whatever." Harsh!

We think it's cool that Stassi is so passionate about fashion, and we actually agree with most of her picks. The only thing we don't support is her criticism of Jared Leto. Sorry, but that guy can do no wrong in our eyes. He's perfect.

What do you think of Stassi's picks?

Source: Bravo