Stephen Moyer Liked Directing Wife Anna Paquin In True Blood Sex Scene!

True Blood

Stephen Moyer Liked Directing Wife Anna Paquin In True Blood Sex Scene!

It’s hard enough for those in “the biz” to watch their fellow famous spouses have steamy onscreen love scenes with others but what if you had to direct your spouse in doing so? True Blood’s Stephen Moyer talks to E! about doing just that in regards to his wife and fellow True Blood actress Anna Paquin. Surprisingly, he said he would have no problem doing so.

"When you are directing your wife in a sex scene, you get to do what the writers come up with," Stephen told E! on the red carpet at True Blood's season six premiere in Hollywood. "Maybe they're coming up with something you haven't thought of before. You can try things out without it being weird.” Wowzers!

As always, Sookie has a new love interest this season – a fellow faerie played by Robert Kazinsky. The Truebie newbie reportedly felt the need to get the a-ok from Stephen before getting horizontal with his wife.

"When the first scene came up, I went to [Stephen] and I was like, 'How can I make this easy for you?'" Robert told E!, "He said, ‘Don't! She's great. Just do what you need to do. She'll do what she needs to do and just forget about it.’ I was like, 'I'll try.' But it's not easy."

In a word: awkward, but Bilith is nothing if not the consummate professional. Sidenote: isn’t his accent oh-so-charming?

Would you be okay with directing your spouse in a steamy love scene?

Source: E! Online