Steven Yeun: 6 Things You Didn\'t Know About the Walking Dead Star
Steven Yeun: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Walking Dead Star
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The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Walking Dead Star


Steven Yeun set out to be a funnyman, but we think he's proven his drama chops after over four seasons of playing Glenn Rhee in the zombie apocalypse. Here are six things you might not have known about one of The Walking Dead's most adorable dudes:

Steven has a degree in psychology: Surprise — acting wasn't Steven's original passion! He graduated in 2005 from Kalamazoo College in Michigan with a psych degree. Wonder what his psychoanalysis of Glenn might be?

Steven Yeun is not his birth name: Steven was born Yeun Sang-yeop in South Korea! His family emigrated to America when Steven was five years old.

Steven got started in improv theater: Steven got bitten by the theater bug during his time at Kalamazoo! He joined Monkapult, the college's improv troupe, and, after college, moved to Chicago and worked with the prestigious troupe The Second City. He was also involved in a weekly, all-Asian show called Stir Friday Night, way before that pun was made in Archer.

… and at first, he wasn't very good at it: When Steven first auditioned for Monkapult, he was soundly rejected. Steven himself explains why: "Because I was terrible." That's fair, though; it was the first time he'd done any theater at all. He never even acted in a school play! We think he's doing pretty well, considering.

The Walking Dead is only Steven's second television show: Steven performed onstage, acted in short films, and even did some video game voiceovers before he broke into TV! His first role on the small screen was Sebastian, a single-episode character in the 2010 The Big Bang Theory episode, Staircase Implementation.

Steven is the proud papa of a black goldendoodle: WTF is that? It's a golden retriever/poodle mix. Her name is Agnes, which is just about the most precious thing we've ever heard.

Did you learn something new about Steven? Do you have another favorite factoid? Leave us a comment below!

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