Steven Yeun Talks Falling Into a “Pit of Despair” Because of Glenn’s Storylines
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The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun Talks Falling Into a “Pit of Despair” Because of Glenn’s Storylines

When you film The Walking Dead in Atlanta for several months out of the year, it pretty much takes over your life. No one knows the all-encompassing nature of the show better than Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee). Steven has been a part of the show since its premiere, and in a new interview with AMC TV’s Blog, he opens up about how it can be difficult to separate Glenn’s life from his own.

“This show is really intense in that we’re living out these characters’ lives,” he notes. “So you just kind of live out really terrible situations that hit really close to home, so last year with what Glenn was going through, it was hard to not fall into his pit of despair and depression and keep my composure. I think that’s your job to kind of separate the two, so you don’t go insane.”

During Season 3, Glenn and his lady love Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) were captured by Merle Dixon and brought to The Governor (David Morrissey), who then beat and tortured them. Though Maggie wasn’t raped by The Gov. on the TV show as she was in the comics, the experience was still traumatic for both of them.

And even though Steven has had to deal with TWD’s heavy subject matter, he also enjoys some more of the lighthearted side effects from his work on the show, such as TWD fan tributes and encounters.

Speaking specifically about the myriad of online tributes, Steven said, “The Glenn ones are pretty funny. The meme about being jealous of how Glenn does some nonsense and then gets laid? It’s good for Glenn!”

And what about any run-ins with TWD’s notoriously devoted fans?

“In person, a girl on the street once saw me about a block away and then she started walking towards me and doing the whole zombie walk. She regretted it as soon as she got up to me. She was like, ‘I’m so sorry, that was so embarrassing.’”

Yeah, that’s probably not how we would have handled ourselves, but we totally understand getting starstruck around Steven.

Are you surprised that he internalizes so much of TWD’s drama? Weigh in below!

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Source: AMC TV’s Blog