Steven Yeun on Glenn’s Smartest, Dumbest Moves on The Walking Dead — 11 Condoms!
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The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun on Glenn’s Smartest, Dumbest Moves on The Walking Dead — 11 Condoms!

Without Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), The Walking Dead would’ve had to end after the first episode. He’s the one who saved Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Atlanta, and brought together what is now the former Team Prison. Season 4 is returning with Episode 9 this Sunday, and AMC had Steven look back on Glenn’s evolution over the past four years.

Glenn’s a tough, resourceful dude, Steven said, and he’s driven by his heart. However, "he's done some pretty dumb things." They showed the clip on Season 2 when Glenn, fresh from his unexpected sexy time with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), hits her with this great line: "You know we still have 11 condoms..."

Steven acknowledges, “That was dumb. Really dumb.” (Maggie’s response was great, though: “Yeah, you see 11 condoms; I see 11 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.” Glenn: “It wasn't that bad ... was it?” Apparently not, since they got engaged!)

Glenn has also done some very clever things, and Steven singled out his character’s impressive Woodbury walker fight in Season 3. “The smartest thing Glenn has done is making a bone shiv out of a walker's arm, breaking a chair, killing the walker,” Steven said.

Glenn was tied up as a walker attacked, somewhat similar to Andrea’s (Laurie Holden) position in the Season 3 finale, but he proved himself to be a much better survivor. So we just hope Glenn stays that tough in the second half of Season 4, since photos and promos have shown him beat up (again) as he presumably searches the known world for his fianceé, Maggie.

"Glenn just keeps going,” Steven said, giving us a little hope for his future. “He just keeps going." He’s our Energizer Bunny.

What do you think about Glenn’s evolution from the past four seasons? Are you hopeful for his future with Maggie, or do you prefer Glenn when he has to be scrappy and resourceful on his own?

Source: AMC

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