Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Diss Name “Gleggie”: “It’s a Throw-Up Sound” (VIDEOS)
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The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Diss Name “Gleggie”: “It’s a Throw-Up Sound” (VIDEOS)

"Gleggie" just took a shot to the head on Conan. It’s the unofficial fan term for the combined superpowers of The Walking Dead’s lovebirds Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). It’s better than "Gaggie," but apparently it still sounds pretty bad to the stars.

The cast was on Conan O’Brien’s show last night, February 6, to promote the return of Season 4, and Conan talked to Steven and Lauren about the fan’s choice of "Gleggie."

Lauren: "... which sounds like a disease."

Conan: "...which sounds like the Scottish word for phlegm."

Steven: "It's a throw-up sound, it's the throw-up onomatopoeia." (He's so fancy.)

So are they requesting a change? Lauren said the alternative would be "Menn." Steven is OK with that one, but it made no sense to Conan, he felt "Gleggie" was better. (Agreed.) Steven said "Gleggie" is good, but Lauren wanted a new title. "I think it should be nothing to do with either one of our names." She just wanted a weird sound, and Steven suggested just calling them "those two."

Nope. Sticking with "Gleggie."

Watch the video below to see them talk about it, in addition to Steven's awkward kissing technique as Glenn, at least back on Season 2. Poor Steven. He was also just featured in a magazine for his sex appeal, but he insisted that's not him. The real him is this nerdy little kid, and he showed a cute throwback photo to prove it.

What do you think? Is “Gleggie” OK, or should it be fired? Is Steven sexy or nerdy or a combination of both? He does drop words like “onomatopoeia” into casual conversation, but that just makes him hotter to us (and probably Norman Reedus).

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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