Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Says Glenn Cherishes Family: Is a Baby on the Way For Him and Maggie?
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Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Says Glenn Cherishes Family: Is a Baby on the Way For Him and Maggie?

For months now we’ve been speculating that Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) will get pregnant with Glenn Rhee’s (Steven Yeun) child this season (that is, if she isn’t knocked up already!) and Mr. Yeun may have dropped a hint that Glenn could be ready for a family sooner than we thought. We all saw him check out that baby stuff during the ill-fated Big Spot run in the Season 4 premiere, and we all know how TWD likes to plant things like that only to bring them back later.

In the comics, Maggie has trouble conceiving but eventually does have a child after Glenn’s death. According to Steven, TV Glenn and Maggie are likely headed down a different path. Speaking of Glenn’s arc this season, Steven tells AMC TV’s Blog, “I knew that going in that Glenn was going to be a little more careful. All the things that he’s suffered for and learned from his mistakes for. He wants to really keep and cherish the idea of family, and keeping those around him that he loves. Scott [Gimple] told me that was the direction Glenn was headed. But there were some surprises in terms of how feeble he was in his attempts to do so, early on.”

We’re assuming Hershel’s elderberry tea works its magic and cures Glenn (either that or the medicine), because he’s clearly got a ton to live for and we know Maggie would be devastated if he died.

When we first met Glenn back in Season 1 we weren’t sure he was going to live long, but he’s pleasantly surprised us with his scrappiness and luck. Steven says his on-screen counterpart’s motto is “resilience,” noting that Glenn is “hard to knock down, and if he does get knocked down, he’s hard to keep down.” Glenn’s no Ricktator, but he clearly has become more of a leader and provider in recent episodes.

But is Glenn’s goofier side gone for good? As Steven explains, his character’s increasingly serious nature is how he’s managed to adapt to living in a post-apocalyptic world. “I think earlier on in the first season, and the second season a bit, Glenn had that [humor],” Steven began. “But I think that as things wear on him, and as Glenn started having more things to care about and protect, he became a little darker. But I think that part of him still exists and hope it will come out sooner or later.”

Do you miss goofy Glenn, or do you prefer the more serious version of Glenn we have now? Sound off below!

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Source: AMC TV’s Blog

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