Steven Yeun Addresses Major The Walking Dead Season 5 Rumor
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The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun Addresses Major The Walking Dead Season 5 Rumor

Spoiler alert! Spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead Season 5 filming.

Many Walking Dead fans panicked in late May when the rumor went around that a death scene might have been filmed on the Georgia set, with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) possibly making an early exit in Season 5.

It was an unconfirmed rumor, and one hint that it wasn't true came from Robert Kirkman saying he loved hearing about it. "It means people care and people are paying attention," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "So keep those rumors flying!" If RK was fine with it, you know it was a false lead. TWD Enthusiasts posted intel from their own sources saying the Glenn death rumor was not true. And not too long after that Steven Yeun was seen on set, filming as Glenn. You can also see him with a church location in the background in one of AMC's behind-the-scenes videos.

But as much as we want to sigh with relief over Glenn, you never know what the future holds.

Steven Yeun weighed in on the Glenn death rumor himself, while promoting his new movie I Origins. When E! News asked for a comment, Steven took a deep breath and said, "Ugh, I mean." He paused. "Sometimes it's rough, I mean sometimes its awesome. We will see what happens, yeah."

Is he just playing it up? Or maybe he’s genuine about it being rough, but maybe about another character dying, not Glenn. If someone has died by now — and since they are about up to Episode 7, probably more than a few people have died, major characters or not — maybe he’s mourning a friend but can’t say it, adding a double whammy when people seem so worried about his own character.

But that’s speculation, and we’ll have to see who makes it through this season.

Emily Kinney recently talked about TWD deaths while promoting her EP, Expired Love. The Power Hour asked which character deaths would devastate her and why. She said the biggest one that already devastated her was her “dad,” Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson). However, she added, “I would be pretty shocked if Rick or Carl or someone, I’d be shocked if one of those characters died off. And of course very sad. And that’s the thing by now we’ve become very close. We’ve all lived down in Atlanta for a few years so it’s hard to lose someone.”

It’s hard for fans too. But still. … Not to be too morbid, but the show is called The Walking Dead, so do you have any death predictions for Season 5? Bless his optimistic heart, but we’re starting to worry about Bob. You?

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