Stevie J. Burns Stack of Hip Hop Weekly Magazines — Dig at Benzino? (VIDEO)
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Stevie J. Burns Stack of Hip Hop Weekly Magazines — Dig at Benzino? (VIDEO)

And the heated rivalry between former best friends Stevie J. and Benzino continues. On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Benzino spoke with Stevie about putting sex tape star Mimi Faust on the cover of his magazine, Hip Hop Weekly. While Stevie wasn’t down for it, Benzino went ahead and put Mimi on the cover, causing all kinds of hell for Stevie. Now, the former Bad Boy producer is showing just how much he cares for the mags — by burning them.

“Ain’t nothing like a morning barbeque,” Stevie is heard saying as he squirts lighter fluid over a stack of already burning Hip Hop Weekly magazines. It just so happens that the issues Stevie’s incinerating features Benzino’s fianceé, Althea Heart, on the cover, with the headline “Rumble at The Reunion! LHHA’s Althea Heart Clashes With Joseline Hernandez.”

Further cover story highlights include a quote from Althea, saying “I was looking too pretty for all that, but I had to defend myself,” and cast members saying Joseline’s wild behavior was due to her “being high on something.”

We’re not sure if this is Stevie J.’s way of protesting Benzino’s claims that Joseline’s attacks on several cast members were drug-fueled and premeditated or his way of resigning from his position as partner in the magazine (if he was ever officially partner, that is).

We can only wonder what the two guys are going to do about their Sleazy & Zino Bar and Bistro…

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